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11. 1. 2020  Reportaža: Darkness Over Koper  (16. 12. 2019, Center Mladih Koper)
Darkness over Koper

It was a maze for me to find the venue, somewhere in the small backstreets of Koper but I finally arrived to where I needed to be. Straight at the entrance, telling who I was, they really received me with open arms. The people of the club showed me the place around and told where I could find the bands. The venue was not that big as it was in a youth center but looked nice and cosy on the inside. A great and promising start, indeed!

Starting of with our masters of black metal from Slovenia, Grob opened this evening. The public was not in numbers there yet but that didn't influence the performance of this band, with full force and with a second guitarist (which makes this band come to better) they gave a show never to forget. As Alan took the lead and growled his way through the songs like Chaos, they took off this opener as it should be, at the middle of the gig even Oelka from Malorshiga showed up to help out with the song Razkol - this song, done with 2 vocalists gives a new edge to it and made this an unforgetable experience.

Next it was time for the masters of black/death metal from Portugal, Gaerea.

Presenting their first full length album Unsettling Whispers, touring already most of 2019 and still going on with force on stage they gave a hell of a show and in my opinion should have been the headliner of this tour. With masks and strong music but also the vocals are so good combined in this setup, they were giving it all on stage. The vocalist looked like he escaped from a mental asylum. Songs like Whispers, Absent and the masterpiece Catharsis followed by a few songs form their self titled album of 2016 made this gig something to remember and for the people that were to late there a bit of a bummer because they probably missed out on something new and inovating.

At last it was up to the headliner Numenorean to finish the amazing evening in Koper. For me, this band was something new, I never heard of them before and was surprised by the setup of this band, with 3 guitarists and almost all of them at the vocals.

The main vocalist seemed like he was to busy doing everything else but singing and 3 guitarists were (for my personal taste) just to much as a lot of the sound was lost (or was it because of the sound technician or was it the combination of so many instruments and so many vocals, I can't tell for sure, but the sound with the previous bands was perfect). Still this band kept the audience in and some action was finally happening. Slovenians can learn a bit from the rest of Europe to be honest, I was missing the headbanging and for sure the mosh pits.

Avtor: Azaziel
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