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29. 4. 2020  Reportaža: A night of technical death metal (before coronapocalypse)  (17. 2. 2020, Orto Bar Ljubljana)
What a night of metal madness!

Ivan apologises to Jurgen for takin’ so damn long to post the review of the amazing technical (death) metal night at Orto Bar in Ljubljana, when the shadows of upcoming coronapocalypse seemed like a distant dream …

The show starts off with Fractal universe.  This progressive death metal band from France opens up the gates of eternal blasphemy in Orto bar. The show was short but powerful and there were already a lot of people present to see this band.

Playing the release show for the new album Rhizomes of Insanity was for me something new, as I never heard of the band before. They gave a good impression and blasted their way into their new album. Songs like Rising Oblivion and Parabola Of Silence were surely the masterpieces of their new album in my personal opinion. They gave a good presence and it was nice to see such a band.

Then time was right for Tulcandra. This band from Germany brought a bit of a mix between death and black metal. Playing a lot of songs from their latest album Ascension Lost which dates already back to 2015, it was still a good show to watch. They played some new material and now it’s just the wait till their next album will rise from the ashes and let’s hope it will be soon. The lead guitarist and also vocalist Steffen Kummerer who also sings and plays guitar in the later mentioned band Obscura has a great personality on stage and knows how to catch the audience into the palm of his hands, a lot of headbangning went along with their catchy songs like Throne of will and the closure of the evening if I remember well, the song The first rebellion. Overall seeing them live was really good and hope to see them again.

Next was a band that doesn’t even need an introduction, the gods of blackened death metal from the Netherlands – the mighty God dethroned. Presenting their latest album Illuminatie, they know how to make an impression on the crowd as they were going wild on the whole gig. Song like The book of lies and the title track off the album Illuminatie couldn’t be left aside but surprisingly as well some old school songs came up in the set which was way too short for such a great band.  Villa vampiria the old school song made a standout on the gig and caused a lot of good memories with the fans.

They needed to clear the stage for the headliner for the evening Obscura. This band from Germany brings technical death metal with a lot of different guitar riffs and melody in the songs. Personally I never heard of the band and it was a pleasant surprise seeing them live. Songs like The Anticosmic overload and Akroasis were brought by this band, the show was good to see and they got the fans all over the place headbanging around. Of course it was for me a surprise to see the guitarist/vocalist from Thulcandra, Steffen again in this band, he has a lot of energy to be able to perform 2 shows on 1 evening. Going from deep growls to more black metal vocals this was something new for me in the technical death genre, bringing a new and innovating sound to it. A lot I can’t say about this show because they stand their ground on stage and seeing them speaks for itself that this is a band that deserves to be amongst the greatest in the death metal genre.

To close this report I want to say that the sound and light were as always in Orto bar perfect coordinated and always a pleasure to be at a show.

The only minor point of the evening was that with 2 headliners from such a calibre the show of God dethroned should have been at least 15 minutes longer as it was way too short.

Photos: Hana Slapar

Avtor: Azaziel
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