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25. 2. 2020  Zorya - Winter/Spirit  (samozaložba, 2020)
Bring the winter home.

Let's talk about a new project that is going on in Slovenia.

This one man band is lead by Jan Oblak and it is called Zorya and it brings an interesting mix of atmospheric black metal combined with depressed sounds.

Jan started his band in 2019 and brought out the first songs in the winter of 2020. As he is still looking for the right band members to join his project, he is performing as a solo artist and it turns out to be something new in the Slovenian scene.

At the moment he brought out 2 singles called Winter and Spirit, both sound very good and you hear in the music that he is a talented guy, you might say that his music can be compared with the old Burzum and Summoning.

The song Winter takes you into the cold of a snowy valley and gives you the goose bumps just listening to it, as if you were in the midst of the winter forrest. Slowly this song will consume your emotional state to a level where you think you are in a cold dark room with no one around you.

Next you have the song Spirit. The song starts slow and eerie. Later the whole song acts like there are some ghosts presenting themselves around you, the chills you will feel over your body listening to the music makes this song actually very good and deserves to have a full band behind it. As soon as you get to the vocals, you hear he has a more metalcore background as his vocal range to do black metal is not fully developed yet, but give him time - he will get there soon.

Not much more to say about this band at the moment as the band is very fresh, but if you like music like the old school atmopheric black metal genre, be sure to check him out on YouTube and follow him on Facebook.

Avtor: Azaziel
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