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24. 11. 2019  gaerea - Unsettling Whispers  (Transcending Obscurity Records, 2018)
The new era of black metal has arrived with the strong production of this cd and the new sound that it gives.

The bands first full length debut album came out in 2018.

The combination of black, death and sometimes doom metal makes this band unique under its genre. As most black metal lyrics go about satanism and unholy forces “gaerea” most likely will fall under the suicide black metal.

The intro starts off with some eerie sounds that when you would listen in the dark alone gives you the chills allover. Working up from the intro it goes into the song, bombastic fast pased black metal after that the second song starts straight away bringing the sound to a slower more doomy and hammering sound, from there we go into the song “whispers” in this song you hear a lot of emotion and aggression in the voice while the music drills in your ears. The next song “lifeless immortality” faster and more aggressive the the previous songs will take you further into the deepest and darkest realm of gaerea's journey into the abyss. The album changes all the time and it keeps you listening without any boredom or whatsoever.

For every black metal fan there is something in this album and I would strongly advise everyone to have a listen to it as this is sure one of the promising bands in the metal scene. On the 16th of december they will be performing in center miladih in Koper, if you have the chance to go and see them don't miss it.

My score for this band is 95/100

Avtor: Azaziel
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