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24. 11. 2019  warkings - Reborn  (Napalm Records, 2018)
The new dawn of heavy metal has come.

This new band brought out their debut in 2018, with Reborn a new heavy metal band is formed in the style of hammerfall and manowar, this band deserves to be with the great amongst heavy metal. Not many times I have heard a new band with such power and strong production as Warkings. The album starts of with a small intro and goes straight into the song “give em war” this sets off to be a good listen and will keep you on your ears throughout the whole album for sure.

For lovers of heavy metal this is a must have album.

On stage these guys give out everything and with the costumes and atributes like swords and spears they set up a brilliant show. Lets talk about the album as it sets of with a nice pace and the surprising bit about this band is that the songs are very nicely formed and give the audience the chance to sing along with the lyrics. The inovation they bring with this album overcomes boundaries, the vocal range of “the tribune”, yes you hear it well, the nickname for the vocalist “Georg Neuhauser” gives you the ghoosebumps. This combined with the guitar riffs and the drums gives you the feeling that you are on a batllefield in the old ages fighting for sparta. Surprisingly there is a slow song in German on the album aswell it gives you the feeling as you are listening to a song of hammerfall. Then wou have also a song called “ sparta” with some guest vocals this gives a differrent look to the band as grunts are used in the strofes of the song and the chorus is so catchy you sing along not even knowing the words. “ laughs”. So overall this album is a must have and with such fine production they for sure will break through and make it to the big stages in no time, already touring allover europe and even headlining some shows along the road.

So this all said, this album is a must have for every metal fan out there and with the good production the amazing quality of the album, the marketing behind the band, this will be a band we will see in the future on every big stage as a new dawn of heavy metal is set.

My score for this album 90/100.

Avtor: Azaziel
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