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10. 1. 2020  Intervju: Tryglav - Horror and creatures will come for you 
Horror and creatures will come for you.

Tryglav is an one-man band from Split, Croatia. It appeared - if we can believe Metal Archives - in 2018. The debut album Night of Whispering Souls was released last year via the Italian label Extreme Metal Music and it kicks ass - for all your Dark Funeral fans out there, this is a must! So it was only a matter of time when will Profanity zine interview the man behind the TryglavBoris Behara.

Jurgen (Azaziel): What made you start Tryglav and where does the name come from? 

Hi Jurgen. First of all, thank you for your kind words. I started this band at the beginning of 2018 because i was so tired to play with people who didn't had my same passion in music. I spent 10 years trying to find the right persons but at the end I decided that if I wanted to do something serious, I had to do that alone. The name cames from a slavic mithology. Tryglav was a god believed to represent sky, earth and the underworld. I thought that the name was pretty cool and i just changed the "i" from "Triglav" to "Tryglav".

Are there any future plans of live shows? 

Yes. I received many offers to play live but unfortunately I still don't have a band, but things gonna change in 2020. Probably the band will be already operational at the end of summer.

It started off as a one man band if I am correct, any change in that? 

Never. This band started as a one man band and will die as a one man band. I can't work with other people - I have my vision of how things have to be, so I prefer to work alone, even if is a pain in the ass sometimes.

Could you tell us a bit about the lyrics and their meaning? 

Since every black metal band of this planet speaks about satanism, devil, christ etc., I wanted to speak about my biggest passion - horror movies and stories. There's already too many bands who speak about the same stuff and I didn't wanted to do the same, since I don't have any interest in it. My lyrics are inspired from 80' movies. Sometimes you can read something that will remind you of a specific movie, sometimes it is a complete new story invented by me.

Where do you see the band in the future and are you going to stay in this genre or will you experiment more? 

I'm already happy with the band results. I never thought that I'll be doing so many interviews and that the album would be received that good. Of course, I won't stop here - the next step is to play live as soon as possible and start to work on the second album! 

Since I have already experimented in this album, I'll probably do the same for the second one to, but the base will always be black metal, you can count on it.

Thank you, Boris, for making this interview possible. Any last words for our fans around?

I would like to thank you again for having me on your pages. I want to say for your readers that, if they like black metal,melody and horror movies ... to check out Tryglav! It could be a nice discovery for you!

Avtor: Azaziel
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