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28. 1. 2020  Fit For An Autopsy z novim spotom 

10. 2. pa jih lahko vidite v Kinu Šiška skupaj s Thy Art Is Murder in drugimi.

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28. 1. 2020  Absu ni več 

Kultna extreme metal zasedba Absu ne obstaja več. Proscriptor McGovern oz. Russ Givens pravi:

"After meager deliberation and zero remorse, I have decided to dissolve ABSU after three decades of existence. Collectively and universally speaking, this decision is finite due to insoluble circumstances, which has led to this ultimate result. No amount of time, exertion, formula or fashion can alter my verdict.

"Refusing to further comment on the subject, I leave thee with the following enchantment:

"{Vii} For there are bitter waters of Chaos held immobile under (the) ground – And the Sovereigns, who personify them, reign over Opacities and Beyond.

"[II] Beseech these All-Begetters in darkness, outside the circles of time. In Chaos’ sleight of hand, the Deep will respond.”

"{Vi} Never Blow Out The Eastern Candle —

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28. 1. 2020  Slipknot bodo izdali material iz leta 2008 

Ki je nastal v času ''sessionov'', ko so snemali album All Hope Is Gone. Material bo zdaj končno ugledal luč dneva pod naslovom Look Outside Your Window. Del albuma ste že lahko slišali v obliki komada Til We Die, ki je izšel kot bonus material ob izidu albuma AHIG.

Clown pravi: "'Look Outside Your Window' is a very unique art piece on its own. So it's sort of timeless, in my opinion. And so I try not to worry about it too much. It feels like I've waited for this long for it to be right, and it just never has… Like, we were gonna release it way early on this cycle, but this takes precedence, and that's not supposed to be confused. It's just a piece of the puzzle. It's not supposed to be watered down or marketed, really. It's really a piece of the imagination that's missing that people might really need. So, hopefully on this cycle somewhere. It was scheduled for Christmas. I just quit asking, because I don't want it to interfere with this. And mainly because of what it is. It needs its own space. And we are having a good time enjoying this album, and we have no ego with that. We're not trying to make that corporate or whatever; it's really just beautiful art that we wanna share in the right way. So it's gonna be on this album cycle at some point. And like everything we're doing right now, it's just gonna come out, and people won't even know. It'll just be this thing that happens. I'm looking forward to that, though. I think people will really enjoy it."

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28. 1. 2020  Umrl je Reed Mullin (Corrosion Of Conformity) 

Umrl je Reed Mullin, bobnar ameriške zasedbe Corrosion Of Conformity in mnogih drugih. Star je bil 53 let. Vzrok smrti ni znan.

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25. 1. 2020  Umrl je Sean Reinert 

Iz Združenih držav prihaja tragična vest o smrti Seana Reinerta, dolgoletnega bobnarja pionirjev progresivnega metala Cynic, ki je znan tudi po tem, da je skupaj s Paulom Masvidalom, preden sta leta 1993 ustanovila Cynic, igral na albumu Human, kultni tretji plošči legendarnih Death.

Avtor: Rok Kodba
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24. 1. 2020  Metal Days 2020 potrdil nova imena! 

In med njimi je tudi Devin Townsend! Torej, še en razlog več za obisk tega fantastičnega festivala!

Devin Townsend - a top requested name by our visitors this year … and for a very good reason! Without any doubt, we can say that Devin Townsend is one of the musical geniuses of this era and we are delighted to announce his return to Tolmin! This show will contain more brutal songs and will be more catered to the metal tracks in his repertoire than his previous tour, and that means we will get to hear some Strapping Young Lad songs for sure. We...cannot...wait!!!

Green Carnation - a Norwegian avant-garde/prog/metal outfit. Green Carnation's trend of music has continuously become less and less heavy after every release; from straightforward death metal, to a progressive doom metal sound, to an atmospheric gothic metal sound, to a melancholic hard rock sound and in 2006, went as far as to releasing an entirely acoustic album "The Acoustic Verses". We are really curious to see what will they prepare for us at MetalDays.

Oceans of Slumber - The band was already formed in 2011, but when their singer left the band in 2014, they found an outstanding frontwoman in Cammie Gilbert. Although the band is often labeled as prog metal, it is far from “look how fast and complicated I can play on this guitar” prog. The heart of the band is melancholy and exceptional creativity and craftsmanship. They mix in doom and the perfect amount of death metal-aggression and are one of the few really unique bands out there these days.

Cypecore - melodic industrial death metal band from Germany. They released four independent studio albums till now and all of them were conceptual albums based upon a narrative of futuristic, post-apocalyptic warfare, set in a hypothetical 22nd century. Their music is brutal, martial, but still melodic. Heavy guitar riffs, mechanical double bass parts, unique sounding vocals, electronic elements and cinematic sound settings are the fuel for the Cypecore machinery.

MØL - The pairing of Black Metal and Shoegaze was always going to have its naysayers; fortunately, the triumphant and crushing sonic result has been the catalyst for some truly incredible bands – just like Danish-powerhouse MØL. If you enjoy listening to bands such as Alcest and Deafheaven, you are definitely going to like these guys as well!

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24. 1. 2020  Na Metaljot Raspaljot pridejo tudi Batushka! 

Drugi potrjeni headliner so torej Batushka, na voljo pa so tudi že early bird vstopnice (25,00 €/vstopnica). Na voljo jih je le 100 (early bird kart, that is!).

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24. 1. 2020  Jegulja razkrili naslovnico svojega drugega albuma 

Vir: Paranoid-zine (Bojan Bidovc)

Ljubljanski inštrumentalni stonerji Jegulja so razkrili naslovnico svojega drugega albuma Exit Sandman, katerega datum izida zaenkrat še ni znan. Naslovnica je delo ilustratorke Sare Koncilja, ki je prispevala tudi grafično podobo njegovega predhodnika Darkest Light iz leta 2017. 

Jegulja bo to nedeljo, 26. januarja, nastopila v slovenski različici »tiny desk concert« z imenom Glasba iz delavnice #02, kjer jo boste lahko tudi v živo spremljali preko tega linka.

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24. 1. 2020  In Flames maja v Ljubljani 

V sklopu nove evropske turneje se bodo 12. maja v Ljubljani (Kino Šiška) ustavili tudi In Flames.

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24. 1. 2020  In This Moment z novim spotom 

Zelo zanimivi novodobni metalci In This Moment imajo nov spot, in sicer za single The In-Between.

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24. 1. 2020  Sodom imajo novega bobnarja 

Po tem, ko je zasedbo zaradi službenih obveznosti zapustil bobnar Husky (Desaster ...), so Sodom našli novega - to je Toni Merkel.

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24. 1. 2020  Ross The Boss (ex-Manowar) napoveduje novi album 

Kitarist Ross The Boss napoveduje marčevski izid nove plošče. Reče se ji Born Of Fire, izide pa 6. 3. prek založbe AFM Records.

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24. 1. 2020  Me And That Man z novim spotom 

Nergalov country projekt Me And That Man ponuja novi spot s prihajajočega albuma New Man, New Songs, Same Shit, Vol. 1, ki izide 27. marca prek Napalm Records. In sicer gre za spot za komad Męstwo.

Popolnoma v poljščini, je omenjeni single bojda Nergalov najbolj intimen in melanholičen izraz. 

Nergal: "When our drummer, Kuman, first sent me the demo version of 'Męstwo', I was immediately drawn to it — it's a simple song and simply written but totally honest and genuine. It's the only song on the record I sing on and it's exclusively Polish. 'Męstwo' translates to manhood; in this world of judgement, prejudice and struggle, the message of the song is to remain on your own course, to stay motivated and follow your own intuition — this is what manhood represents to me."

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17. 1. 2020  Carnifliate gredo na mini turnejo - s Suffocation 

Velenjski Carnifliate, ki so včeraj žgali v Gromki, bodo marca tri dni v spremstvu Suffocation, Hate in Belphegor. Z njimi bodo nastopili v Zagrebu, Benetkah in na Dunaju.

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17. 1. 2020  Danes v Ortu - 18 years of Stench 

Danes v Ortu slavijo 18 let smradu eni in edini Veseli Dihurčki.

18:00 Blagajna / Vrata

18:20 - 18:50 March Of War (Orto Hala)
19:10 - 19:40 Guattari (Orto Hala)
20:00 - 20:30 Maskardh (Orto Hala)
20:50 - 21:20 Alo!Stari (Orto Hala)
21:40 - 22:20 Morywa (Orto Hala)
22:40 - 23:20 SkyEye Band (Orto Hala)
23:40 - 00:20 Malorshiga (Orto Hala)

19:30 - 20:00 Taste Of Plague (Orto Klub)
20:20 - 21:00 Agan (Orto Klub)
21:20 - 22:00 Diareja Eksploziv (Orto Klub)
22:20 - 23:00 Multiball (Orto Klub)
23:20 - 00:00 Reach (Orto Klub)
00:20 - 01:00 Britof (Orto Klub)

20:15 - 21:00 The Canyon Observer (Orto Bar)
21:20 - 21:50 Grob (Orto Bar)
22:10 - 22:40 Dust Collector (Orto Bar)
23:00 - 23:40 Chains (Official) (Orto Bar)
00:00 - 00:40 Harry (Orto Bar)

Po koncertu nadaljujemo v Hali kadilnice. After Party Hard !!

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