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11. 12. 2017  The Wraith ponujajo nov video 

Če si oboževalec deathrock zvrsti, kot tudi prekomerne uporabe rok pevca v videih, potem je nov video za skladbo Prevail ameriške zasedbe The Wraith ravno pravšnji zate. Pri spodnji povezavi lahko uvidiš in slišiš vse, kar ti tvoje žalostno in temačno srce poželi.

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9. 12. 2017  Zagrebški Vintage Industrial Bar slavi 5 let - v torek tam igrajo kultni GBH 

V hrvaščini to glasi takole: Prvi dan proslave 5. rođendana Vintage Industriala, u utorak 12. prosinca otvorit će kultni pankeri GBH, koji se nakon tri godine vraćaju u Savsku 160 začiniti ovu adventsku atmosferu u metropoli. Obzirom da je koncert u utorak, pozovite svoju publiku da požuri i osigura kartu na vrijeme: 65/80kn (VIB & Dirty Old Shop).

Prevod: GBH v torek za male pare.

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9. 12. 2017  Danes v Novem mestu - Dr. Cyclops 

Danes bo v klubu LokalPatriot nastopila italijanska hard rock zasedba Doctor Cyclops.

Trio, ki ga navdihuje vintage zvok zasedb, kot so Black Sabbath in ostali, bolj “podzemni” heroji sedemdesetih in zgodnjih osemdesetih let prejšnjega stoletja (Truth and Janey, Sir Lord Baltimore, Captain Beyond, Witchfinder General), ima nemalo izkušenj z evropskih klubskih odrov, v Novo mesto pa prihaja s svežo ploščo, imenovano “Local Dogs”.

Vstopnina je zgolj 3 €, koncert se začne ob 21.00.

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9. 12. 2017  Hamferð ponujajo spot 

Doomerji s Ferskih otokov ponujajo spot za single Frosthvarv, ki se nahaja na prihajajočem albumu Támsins likam, ta pa bo izšel prek Metal Blade

O spotu: "For years we have been working towards using video material to bring a visual aspect to our music. But not until now have we been able to produce something with the quality that we always strive for. We are extremely pleased to have found the right group of people to work with, and we believe the result to be something truly special."

V živo jih lahko vidite februarja v Ljubljani z Downfall Of Gaia.

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8. 12. 2017  Ghost izdali live album 

Ceremony And Devotion je izšel danes v digitalni verziji, januarja pa še oprijemljiva verzija. Album bo izšel januarja v obliki 2 CD ali 2 LP, vsebuje pa sledeče:

01. Square Hammer
02. From The Pinnacle To The Pit
03. Con Clavi Con Dio
04. Per Aspera Ad Inferi
05. Body And Blood
06. Devil Church
07. Cirice
08. Ghuleh/Zombie Queen
09. Year Zero
10. Spoksonat
11. He Is
12. Mummy Dust
13. Absolution
14. Ritual
15. Monstrance Clock

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8. 12. 2017  Machine Head ponujajo naslovni komad nove plate - v obliki spota 

Hm ... lepo, a zdi se, kot bi nonstop poslušal eno in isto melodijo že vsaj zadnje 3 plate. Kakorkoli že, spodaj je spot za komad Catharsis, naslovni komad nove plate, ki izide januarja prek založbe Nuclear Blast.

O spotu pravi Robb Flynn sledeče: "'Catharsis' was a tricky concept to translate to a visual. How do you express somebody's catharsis? Frasier, the director, brought up the Butoh dance concept and it tied in so well into the idea of what catharsis could be. And when the Butoh dancers began performing for the video, we were blown away. Their expressions were so pained, almost horrifying, and yet very sad; it was extremely moving. The other side of the "Catharsis" video recounts the experiences of mental asylum patients. Oftentimes, in the '50s and '60s, people went through traumatic and regrettable experiences, and those vivid photos still linger today.

On a personal level, I related to this aspect. My uncle Jimmy lived with us for years while growing up. He had experienced some pretty severe drug testing when he was younger and didn't come out of it very well. For the rest of his life, he would do things like not eat for seven days straight and talk to Jesus all day. It was a trip to grow up with that at home. So, we took these disparate elements and turned them into a very cinematic and psychedelic visual to express that.

We love making videos now. There used to be a bunch of rules and around what you could and couldn't do in a music video. Most of it was a boring performance, with us 'pretending' to play and sing the song. Now, it's like making a crazy, whacked-out movie. You can get weird and strange and have a blast. We are super proud of how well this video tuned out!"

Naslednje leto jih lahko vidite, ko bodo harali po Evropi, prav tako pa bo ob novem albumu moč nabaviti tudi live DVD s koncertom v Londonu (kao spešl edišn, pa to).

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8. 12. 2017  Napalm Death bodo izdali ... em, do zdaj kao neizdan material 

Prek založbe Century Media bodo angleško-ameriški grinderji Napalm Death izdali kompilacijo Coded Smears And More Uncommon Slurs

Naslovnica je spodaj, kompilacija pa bo obsegala 2 CD-ja oziroma 31 komadov - od B-sideov do raritet. Naslednje leto pa Napalmi napovedujejo tudi novi album.

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8. 12. 2017  Septic Tank (Repulsion, Cathedral itd.) napovedujejo debitantski album 

Ah, te ''super grupe'' ... No, Septic Tank združuje v svojih vrstah člane zasedb Cathedral in Repulsion, tako da nekaj upanja le obstaja. Kakorkoli že, možje bodo izdali album Rotting Civilisation, ki bo izšel 13. aprila prek Rise Above Records. Če ste fan zasedb HELLHAMMERDISCHARGESLAUGHTERMOTÖRHEADTANKSEPTIC DEATHSIEGECRUCIFIXBATTALION OF SAINTS, potem bo tole vaša paša za ušesa.

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8. 12. 2017  Tudi Iced Earth z novim spotom 

Evo, ena gusarska - reče se ji Black Flag, bend pa pravi: "It's actually a very accurate telling of some pirate history. It's a pretty big piece of history. I had the challenge of writing those lyrics coming up with a song that's five minutes long but the history of pirates is huge. It was difficult, but I didn't want to write a song and have it be cheesy and yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum. I wanted this to be a vicious 'fuck you' to the empires that employed them. This song was really to show that the pirates were actually employed by the empires to stir up trouble for the other empires. If it was the British empire against the Dutch and Spanish or whatever, they would hire what they call privateers or mercenaries to go out and steal their shit, create problems for them, and create havoc. It was just a game that empires played and still play to this day to a degree. So this song is essentially the pirates' side of the story."

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8. 12. 2017  Metalsteel z novim spotom in novo plato 

Plošča Beyond The Stars medvoških hevićev Metalsteel izide jutri, 9. 12. 2017 prek založbe On Parole. Izid bo v klubu Jedro v Medvodah.

Fantje in dekle pa tudi ponujajo spot za komad The End Of The World.

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8. 12. 2017  Angra bodo izdali novo plato 

Brazilska power metal zasedba Angra bo izdala album Ømni. Bend sestavljajo Rafael Bittencourt, basist Felipe Andreoli, pevec, ki ga poznate iz RhapsodyFabio Lione, kitarist Marcelo Barbosa ter bobnar Bruno Valverde, bend pa obstaja že 26 let. 16. februarja bodo prek earMUSIC izdali novo plato, katero je zvočno obdelal Jens Bogren

Glede albuma je znano sledeče: "Ømni" is a concept album, a set of science fiction short stories that take place at various places in time, simultaneously. The backbone of the plot is based on the idea that in 2046 an artificial intelligence system will change human perception and cognition. It is a system which will allow conscious communication between present and future human beings. Characters such as time travellers, cavemen, warriors, among others, help tell this story.

The album connects the concepts of previous albums (Holy Land, Rebirth, Temple of Shadows) to one main system, "Ømni", which in Latin means "everything." "Ømni" fabricates an interconnectivity that shines light towards a universal truth: everything that has happened, led to what the band is today. "Ømni" celebrates and unites the whole history of ANGRA to this exact, current moment.

Naslovnico (na levi) je ustvaril ameriški umetnik Daniel Martin Diaz, spodaj pa že imate komad Travelers Of Time.

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8. 12. 2017  Lay It On The Line ponujajo nov video 

Angleška HC zasedba Lay It On The Line ponuja video za skladbo Positive Views, katerega si je moč ogledati pri spodnji povezavi.

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7. 12. 2017  Moonleejada 2017: Žen, Debeli Precjednik, Seine, Mašinko 

MOONLEEJADA 2017 - Moonlee Records Festival

Žen - promocija albuma 'Sunčani ljudi'
After: Jaša Bužinel

Ljubljana, GALA HALA
sobota, 16. december 2017
vrata: 20.30, koncert: 21.00
vstopnina: 7 € (do 21h) / 10 € (po 21h)

Veselega decembra se veseli tudi najbolj razigrana limonca Mr. Moonlee, ki bo skockal novo edicijo festivala neodvisne založbe Moonlee Records - MOONLEEJADA 2017. Osrednja vloga na festivalu bo pripadla zagrebškim amazonkam ŽEN, ki bodo premierno predstavile svoj novi album 'Sunčani ljudi', ter nas s svojo kombinacijo hipnotičnih repeticij post rocka, atmosferičnih kitarskih plastenj shoegaza, afektirane vokalne artikulacije alternativnega rocka in odkritosrčne eksperimentacije v duhu krautrocka, popeljale na zasanjano psihadelično potovanje. Sanjavost bodo preizpraševali tudi SEINE s septembra izdano čudovito ploščo 'Sno sna', ki jo lahko zaužijemo kot zgodbo punkerja v preobleki folk albuma ali pa kot čuten folk album prežet z duhom punka. Zato pa lahko veliko bolj klasične punkrock vzorce pričakujemo od osijeških DEBELI PRECJEDNIK / FAT PREZIDENT, ki bodo s svojimi nabritimi in brezčasnimi punkrocki himnami še enkrat dokazali, zakaj veljajo za staroste in pojem punkrocka na Balkanu. Podobne viže ubirajo tudi zagrebški himnični punkrockerji MAŠINKO, ki so pred letom dni izdali split ploščo z osiješkimi soborci poimenovano 'Godina majmuna / Majmun godine'. Obeta se nam torej še ena koncertna poslastica s hrvaškim četvercem brez krmarja in Mr. Moonleejem kot krčmarjem!
Po koncertu sledi after z Jašo Bužinelom, ki bo za Moonleejado pripravil razgibano selekcijo plesišču prijaznega post punka, new in no wavea, jugoslovanskega novega vala, funka, disca in morebitno tudi housa.

Povezave do video materiala: (Debeli Precjednik – Niste za nas) (Žen – Žal) (Seine – Šilo) (Mašinko – Sretan)

Festival Moonleejada 2017 sofinancira Mestna občina Ljubljana.

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7. 12. 2017  So This Is Suffering ponujajo nov video 

Deathcore zaseda So This Is Suffering ponuja video za skladbo Muerte Bella, katerega si lahko ogledate pri spodnji povezavi.

Omenjena skladba se nahaja na letos izdanem albumu Palace of the Pessimist (Unique Leader Records).

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7. 12. 2017  Harms Way na poti do novega albuma 

HC zasedba težke kategorije Harms Way  bo prihodnje leto izdala album št. 4 imenovan Posthuman oz. prvenec za založbo Metal Blade.  Bobnar Chris Mills je za prihajajoč album podal sledeč komentar:

"We've always stayed true to who we are and allowed the songwriting process to take shape organically from record to record, and as the band has progressed, our sound has become more refined with metal and industrial influences."

Kitarist Bo Lueders pa:

"To a Harms Way fan, I would describe 'Posthuman' as a blend of 'Isolation' (2011) and 'Rust' (2015), but it's sonically way more insane. To anyone else, I would simply say it's full on heavy and full on aggression."

Kljub temu, da album izide februarja, skupina že ponuja v posluh prvo skladbo, katero si lahko preposlušate pri spodnji povezavi.


01. Human Carrying Capacity

02. Last Man

03. Sink

04. Temptation

05. Become a Machine

06. Call My Name

07. Unreality

08. Dissect Me

09. The Gift

10. Dead Space

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